CHRIS COATS is a writer, director, and editor originally from upstate NY. After attending college in Santa Barbara, Chris moved to Los Angeles and began working extensively in the film and television industry. In 2012, he joined the roster of The Masses, a filmmaking collective started by Matt Amato, Jon Ramos, and the late Heath Ledger. With The Masses, Chris directed numerous music videos which have been featured on acclaimed music websites such as Pitchfork, The Fader, and Filter. In the branded arena, he has created content for Adidas, the burlesque superstar, Dita Von Teese, the design-duo The Haas Brothers, and fashion brands such as Elle and Esquire among others. In 2015, he edited Dogwalker, a short film by Kimberly Sherman which premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Most recently, Chris completed his short film, Good Boy, based on a feature film he wrote and is looking to shoot in 2017.